About Us.      Registered Charity No 1191560

Our community was formed in 1888. 

A commemorative service and celebration to recognise the 125 years took place on 13th October 2013 attended by the new Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. 

The community has played an important part in Jewish religious and cultural life in the county ever since its formation. Our membership covers a wide age range and a variety of nationalities. Please take time to look around this site and get in touch via the ‘contact us’ page.

A recipe book to recognise this milestone has been published and is available to buy now.

Available NOW at £10 per copy.

         Go to "contact us" to apply.




If you wish to attend a service you must make a request
in advance via the “contact us” form.  All attendees must be expected. 


Regrettably all educational visits are suspended until further notice. You can still make your interest known ready for when they recommence by going to the “School Visit” form above. 

If you have an urgent need to speak to us please go to the 'Contact Us' link above and complete the online form. Your enquiry will be answered within 24 hours of submission. 


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